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Postal Sudeste: kayak
Postal Sudeste: río y kayak
Postal Sudeste: río y kayak

The kayak, a close relation with the natural environment.

In a kayak the paddler sits almost on the waterline, this affords him a close relationship with the waterways and the island’s environment. Furthermore, kayaks have minimum draft and small beam, which makes them ideal for rowing in narrow and quiet streams not navigable by larger boats or ships.

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Mapa del Delta
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Postal Sudeste: kayaks en playa al atardecer

The Paraná River Delta.

is a multi-island ecosystem bound by the various forks of the Paraná (¡that has travelled over more than 4000km/2500 miles all the way from it’s origin!) that spread out meandering before they empty into the River Plate. The innumerable islands are formed by a permanent process of sedimentation of the organic and particulate matter carried by the Paraná, which settles when the river slows down upon reaching the shoals of the River Plate. The delta hosts a diverse and rich natural as well as cultural heritage, and also is home of a large stable population and provides resources both to it and to the people living in it’s surroundings.

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¡Travesía exitosa!
Postal Sudeste: kayaks en playa al atardecer
¡Travesía exitosa!
Delta map

Overnight kayak trips into the delta.

We offer regular overnight trips -which you can see listed on the Day and overnight kayak trips section- and you are also welcome to suggest changes and propose customized trips tailored to your specific needs and desires.

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