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Day Trips and Overnight Tours

Paseos Travesías Remadas Nocturnas
Paseos de Sudeste

Ideal for re-discovering the Delta from a calmer and more intimate perspective. We set out at dusk in order to enjoy the changes of daylight into twilight, and the restless movement in streams and islands as night descends upon them. We will take advantage of the moon reflections and the islander house lights to guide our paddling along the way. We will make a stop at an islander’s home to have dinner.



Technical & Physical difficulty


Time Schedule

depart > 6.30PM
return > around midnight

Food and drinks

We will stop at an islander’s home; you can either have Sudeste arrange for the dinner or you can bring your own if you so wish.

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Capturas fotográficas nocturnas prolongadas
Kayaks esperando

What we provide for the day trips

  • Single/Double sea kayaks.
  • Paddles.
  • Life jackets of different sizes.
  • When rainy or during winter, a spray skirt for each participant.
  • A 40-liter water-proof bag per person.
  • One dry bag for personal effects, per person.
  • Elements to manually bail water out of the cockpit.

What to bring on a day trip

  • Light clothing that can be wetted and soiled, and a light jacket to keep warm during paddling.
  • Footwear that can be immersed in water when getting into and out of the kayak (like canvas shoes, neoprene boots, sandals fitted with velcro straps, etc.).
  • A spare change of clothes to change into clean, dry, warm clothing at the end of the trip.
  • A cap or hat.
  • Sun screen and insect repellent.