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During overnight kayak trips we will paddle through the First and Second Sections of the Paraná Delta, which include the various forks of the Paraná River, the Uruguay River and the Río de la Plata estuary. On some particular overnight excursions, for example on the specific one to Martín García Island, we will paddle through part of the open River Plate proper.

Delta map
Delta Seccions
Point of meeting

Following, we list some different possible destinations for overnight trips, describing how the different aspects of these trips could be coordinated.You are welcome to suggest changes and propose customized trips tailored to your specific needs and desires.

Travesía de Sudeste
Paraná de las palmas


This overnight trip is of minimum length and lowest physical demand, and is suited to persons who have never made an overnight kayak trip before and want to give it a try. We will paddle the waters of the First Section of islands (see map), and will have a chance to appreciate the contrast between the most populated areas with the highest river traffic and the wilder, calmer, areas and streams. We will spend the night at a camping site or an inn on the shore or close to the Paraná de las Palmas, one of the mighty Paraná forks that flow into the River Plate.

Suggested duration and distance

2 whole days and 1 night.
(35 km. | 22 miles aprox.)

Technical and Physical difficulty


Time schedule

depart 1st day> 9.30AM
return 2nd day > 5.30PM.*

Board and lodging

meals and sleeping locations will be coordinated during an initial meeting with the tour guide.

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Travesía de Sudeste
Paraná Miní River


After paddling from the City of Tigre all the way to the Paraná de las Palmas, we will cross this river to get into the Second Section of islands, which is generally a wilder area that has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in order to preserve an essential part of the world´s wetland systems. The final destination is another fork of this mighty river, the Paraná Miní, where we will spend the night at a camping site or inn. This particular overnight trip is recommended for people who already have certain kayaking experience and training.

Suggested duration and distance

3 days and 2 nights
(80 km. | 50 miles aprox.)

Technical and Physical difficulty


Time schedule

depart 1st day > 9.30AM
return 3rd day > 17.30PM.**

Board and lodging

meals and sleeping locations will be coordinated during the initial meeting with the tour guide.

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*Please note that we have to paddle across the Paraná de las Palmas river, a mighty river that is almost one kilometer wide (3300 ft) and having very strong currents. **Las corrientes tanto a favor como en contra pueden modificar en gran medida nuestros planes.

Travesía de Sudeste
Martín García Island


This trip requires an excellent level of training as well as previous experience in this kind of outings, since it involves paddling the open waters of the Rio de la Plata. Martín García Island has witnessed historical events that are relevant to the history of the region, and is also home to a major natural heritage, which makes it an ideal place for at least one day of rest, relaxation, and nature-watching. Martín García has a stable population and different lodging and eating propositions. To reach Martín García, we will navigate through the first and second sections of islands, and across a sector of the mighty River Plate (see Map).

Suggested duration and distance

5 days and 4 nights
(125 km. | 78 miles aprox.)

Technical and Physical difficulty


Time schedule

depart 1st day > 9.30AM
return 5th day > 5.30PM

Board and lodging

meals and sleeping accomodations will be coordinated during the initial contact with the tour guide.

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* It involves paddling stretches in open waters (across the Buenos Aires Canal, and the Río de la Plata). For this reason, the chance of departing to or from Martín García is subject to weather conditions and the corresponding authorization by the Argentine Coast Guard.

Overnight trip Postal
General considerations

Physical demand

Physical demand on kayak tours in the Delta depends on different factors, but particularly on the length and duration of the paddling stretch, and the distance traveled. That is the reason why we particularly specify the approximate duration and distance of each overnight kayak trip that we organize, and supply this information to you in advance of the trip. Difficulty and physical demand also depend on weather conditions such as winds, tides and surface waves (see Section on the Paraná River Delta’s natural characteristics).

Download PDF with dates, durations and training techniques

Technical difficulty

Although most of the overnight trips within the Paraná River Delta take
place in flat waters (that is, protected from the elements and having
minimum current and waves), some other trips (like the one to Martín
García) involve paddling stretches in open waters. In these cases, the
difficulty is high. Therefore, participants must be in excellent physical shape and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of kayaking).


Each overnight trip participant will have to attend a training period intended in such a way as to progressively introduce the aspects of physical demand and technical difficulty to the participants unless, of course, they can duly demonstrate previous experience and training.

Food and beverage

For overnight trips, we offer a food/beverage menu that combines light ready-made meals prepared by the tour guide with dishes served at riverside resorts and restaurants. Depending on the type of overnight trip you sign up for, we will send you a list of food and beverage options offered. Please look at the menu in detail and let us know if you would like any changes.

menu options


services and prices

This are the options for a night on the river:

  • Camping in the wild (subject to last-minute confirmation, as it depends on the level of the high tide in the evening).
  • Camping site, including regular services.
  • Room at a river inn.
  • Rented river home.

The different travel stages and the night stops
will be finally defined during the initial meeting.

Important All parties that sing up for an overnight kayak trip with Sudeste will have to attend a previous meeting with the guide accompanying the group. The training, the food/beverage menu, and the lodging locations will be discussed and coordinated during that meeting.

What we provide for the day trips

  • Single/Double sea kayaks.
  • Paddles, and a spare paddle per group.
  • Life jackets of different sizes.
  • A spray skirt for each participant.
  • A 40-liter water-proof bag per person.
  • One dry bag for personal effects, per person.
  • First aid kit.
  • VHF marine radio.
  • One whistle per person.
  • One hands-free flashlight and one headband LED strobe-light per participant, with batteries, only just for night paddling.
  • Nautical charts of the Paraná Delta sections we are to navigate through.
  • One light-flare per boat.
  • Cell phone.
  • GPS (loaded with the area’s maps).
  • A set of short-range radios (walkie talkies).
  • A kitchen set that includes camping gas, gas cans, a cooking pot and cleaning items.

What you need to bring on a kayak trip

  • Light clothing that can be wetted and soiled, and a light jacket to keep warm during paddling.
  • Footwear that can be immersed in water when getting into and out of the kayak (like canvas shoes, neoprene boots, sandals fitted with velcro straps, etc.).
  • A spare change of clothes to change into clean, dry, warm clothing at the end of the trip. Include warm weather and cold weather clothes (see the Section on weather in the Paraná River Delta).
  • A cap or hat.
  • Sun screen, and insect repellent.
  • Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad (if camping).
  • Flashlight.
  • Personal hygiene products.
  • Spoon, knife, fork, plate and mug (if camping).