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All of Sudeste’s day trips and overnight tours are guided. The instructor will help you out with the equipment, will teach you the essential kayaking techniques and show you the Delta’s most outstanding geographical, natural and cultural features.

Requirements & suggestions

  • It is mandatory that you KNOW HOW TO SWIM and that you wear the life jacket we provide.
  • On day trips, you don’t necessarily need kayaking skills, we will provide the basic instruction. However, on overnight excursions, we will require that you have experience and training adequate for the length and difficulty of the trip.
  • There is no age limit for kayaking.
  • We recommend that you are adequately fit for kayaking.


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· We work on a booking basis. If you are interested in making a trip or overnight excursion you can contact us by e-mail, phone or send us an inbox through FB. Once you are sure you will be coming, you will need to book a place on the trip by filling out a form that we will send you by e-mail.

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El Delta

Customized trips

We offer regular trips, but you can also arrange for a custom-made tour as well. In case there is a specific itinerary you want to follow, or else you would like to have lunch or stay at a special lodging facility, we will be more than happy to suit your needs.

El Delta

Meeting point (see map&41;

We meet and start our tours in the city of Tigre, approximately 30 km north of Buenos Aires. You can reach Tigre either by bus (bus line 60 departs from the Constitución train terminal in downton Buenos Aires and reaches Tigre in about 1-1/2 hours ), or by train (taking the Mitre railway line, which departs from the downtown Retiro terminal station and arrives in Tigre in about an hour – you can either take this line straight to Tigre or connect at the Olivos station with the Tren de la Costa line -), or by car (taking the Acceso Norte of the Panamerican Highway, and then the highway to Tigre).

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